We want to bring young people the level of care and quality of life that they deserve.


  • Providing Residential Placements
  • Short term and emergency placements
  • Offering Respite Services


We welcome any queries about referring young people into our care. To submit a referral please send us an email:


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Welcome to Resolute Care!

Our commitment is to individuals. Our goals and expectations reflect the belief that we can achieve the very best for the young people in our care; our professional practice is a dynamic expression of this, our basic philosophy. Therefore we strive continually for individual solutions to individual problems within a framework that is ‘Needs Driven’ rather than ‘Resource Driven’.

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Ofsted 2019
"Young people make excellent progress in all aspect of their lives, given their starting points and complex needs."

Medical Professional 2019
"The young person is thriving in the environment."

Ofsted 2019
"Staff provide a warm, homely and loving environment. They have strong, trusting and loving relationships with the young people."

Ofsted 2019
"Young people’s behaviour has dramatically improved."

Mental Health Professional 2019
"The relationships staff have with the young person is a major factor in their progress."

Ofsted 2019
"Young people enjoy experiences they have never had before."

Ofsted 2019
"Superb multi-agency working."

Ofsted 2019
"The staff team are exceptional."