Full Time

Full Time

Long Eaton, Nottingham & Loughborough

Long Eaton, Nottingham & Loughborough

Job Description

To be part of a care team, to consistently provide a high-quality care experience for children and young people and maintain a high standard of individual practice consistent with Quality Standards and Children’s Home Regulations 2015.


In order to apply for this role you should meet the following requirements:

  • Full UK Driving License
  • Must be willing to work towards a Level 3 diploma in children and young people
  • Ability to work as part of a team to provide a consistently high standard of care
  • Flexibility to meet the needs of the home
  • Be willing to undertake sleep-ins on a rota basis
  • A keen interest in working towards improved outcomes for young people

All successful applicants will be subject to an enhanced DBS disclosure.

Interested in applying?

The application can take up to 10 minutes to complete.

You can also download the application form by, clicking here and then return via email to recruitment@resolutecare.co.uk

    Personal Details

    * Work Permits and Limited leave to Remain are not transferable between employers and any job offer made will be subject to obtaining a new work permit. Any documents provided by applicants in support of their application may be shown to the Home Office.


    Education & Training

    Please give details of all education and training completed to date. Do this in chronological order with the first/earliest qualifications and training listed first.

    Name and address of secondary school
    Qualifications and grades obtained (required)
    Start date (required)
    End date (required)
    Name and address of College or University (required)
    Qualifications and grades obtained (required)
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    Other courses attended
    Qualifications/skills obtained
    Duration of course:
    Date Finished
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    Employment Details

    Please provide details of all your employment history (including temporary and voluntary work) putting your current or most recent employment first. For regulatory reasons, you must clearly detail all employment since the last date you were in Education along with explanations for any gaps in employment

    If you have a long work history, we suggest downloading the application form and email to recruitment@resolutecare.co.uk

    From Date
    To Date
    Company Name
    Company Address
    Job title & main responsibilities
    Reason for leaving
    It needs to be over 125 words before you can submit.
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    Please give name, address and position of your referees: these should include your current and all previous employers including voluntary work to cover at least the last 5 years. Please print clearly.


    Tel Number:
    Email Address:
    Do we have your permission to contact the referees?
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    Application Confirmation

    I understand that failure to disclose information or the provision of incorrect information may result in an offer of appointment being withdrawn or disciplinary action being taken leading to dismissal at a later date. I agree to you approaching any of my previous employers to verify my employment history.

    I agree that, if I am appointed, the information may be used as part of the permanent personnel record of my employment under GDPR.


    Signed: (required)
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    General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Privacy Notice

    Resolute Care Data Protection Officer:

    GDPR Office (recruitment@resolutecare.co.uk)

    I accept that Resolute Care holds personal data about me in line with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements. I hereby consent to the processing by Resolute Care or any associated company of my personal data for any purpose related to the performance of my contract of employment or my continuing employment or its termination or the conduct of Resolute Care’s business, including, but not limited to, payroll, human resources and business continuity planning purposes.

    I also explicitly consent to Resolute Care or any associated company processing any sensitive personal data relating to me, for example sickness absence records, medical reports, particular health needs, details of criminal convictions and equal opportunities monitoring data, as necessary for the performance of my contract of employment or my continuing employment or its termination or the conduct of Resolute Care’s business.

    Finally, I consent to Resolute Care providing my personal data to a third party where this is necessary for the performance of my contract of employment or my continuing employment or its termination or the conduct of Resolute Care’s business, for example, but not limited to, a pension scheme provider in relation to my membership of a pension scheme or to an insurance company such as for the purpose of the company car insurance.

    If at any point I wish to withdraw consent for my personal data being held and used (as detailed above) by Resolute Care then I should notify this in writing to the Resolute Care Data Protection Officer.

    I understand that should I wish to lodge a complaint about processing of my personal data than I can do this through the Resolute Care Complaint Procedure or if I am not satisfied with the response then with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO).

    I understand that should I wish to enquire about or view the data held about me by Resolute Care under GDPR then I should complete a Request for Data Subject Access Form and will receive a response within one month of the request being received. This form should be sent to the Resolute Care Data Protection Officer.

    Signed: (required)
    Ofsted Oustanding


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